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hello! welcome to my brand new shiny website! a lot of the subpages are still a work in progress, but don't let that stop you from having a look around!


  • i am born and raised american. sad, i know
  • my favorite color is aquamarine, but i also like using red and blue gradients, in a non-patriotic way
  • i have assburgers (ive spelled it like that my whole life im not stopping now)
  • i am feeling


wow look its another character drawing



All Alone

Domo Genesis

Current Fav Song Archive


  • put more art
  • code optimization
  • create complete archive

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April 14, 2024[Click to expand]


April 14, 2024

i am now experimenting with making updates live at the end of the week, instead of with every commit. timely content like blog posts will still be published when they happen, but things like new pages, layout updates, features, and whatever won't be updated until the end of the week.
anyways, this is what is new this week:

  • button directory has new views; list, button, and large button. please use them. it took forever to add and was really boring.
  • each top level page now has its gradient displayed in the favicon. i will add more pages to this later.
  • clicking the home button while on the homepage now scrolls to the top of the page. fun.
  • most pages should still slightly work, even if you have javascript disabled. how long i will continue to provide support for people living in 1996, i dunno!

also, i hit 50,000 hits! woohoo! i am so thankful that there are people online who are willing to look at my goofy website. so, i would just like to say, thank you



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