replace X 'Post' buttons with 'Tweet' buttons

UPDATED: May 5, 2024

Mouse cursor hovering over a Tweet button

to install this, you need a userscript manager that is compatible with Greasemonkey. i recommend, Violentmonkey.
if you use Tampermonkey, read this guide, or else the script won't work!


this is a basic userscript that does exactly what it says. any X 'Post' buttons that you see across the web will instead be replaced by the classic 'Tweet' button.
the code is kinda sloppy, but eh, who cares?
this script does NOT yet replace the logo and text on tweet embeds, only tweet buttons. also, i already know someone is going to complain about this, so i'm going to put it here. this will not change the logo on websites that have a custom share button.


i whipped this up in 1 hour, give me a break!

FOR TAMPERMONKEY USERS: FiX "Blacklisted by security settings" ERROR

You can follow this guide as a screencast if you wish.
Due to the way that Tampermonkey is configured by default, you will have to change some settings to make this userscript work.
Follow these steps to fix the issue:

Screenshot of the settings page highlighted on the Tampermonkey dashboard
Screenshot of the 'Config mode' setting in the Tampermonkey dashboard being changed from 'Novice' to 'Beginner'
Screenshot of '*://*' being selected in Blacklist settings on the Tampermonkey dashboard