Hello, my name is WiiCHiCKEN. The name comes from when my friend sent me this picture with just the caption "wii chicken":

The styilization of my name (capitilizing every letter except for "i") was inspired by "LiDAR", because I thought it looked cool.

I am from American.
I have been interested in technology for almost my whole life, ever since I got my first Windows XP laptop when I was, I don't know, 7? I used that laptop to make PowerPoint presentations, check the weather online, read my email, listen to the huge iTunes library my father gave me (remember when you didn't have to pay for iTunes Radio?), watch Minecraft videos, and look at Magic: The Gathering cards. Unrestricted internet access did not completely ruin me as a person, like it did for everyone else.

132 best wpm


Unfourtanately, I don't have too many hobbies. I was born with aspburgers (I have spelled it assburgers my whole life), and as apart of that, I feel like I don't really have many hobbies, except for ones I picked up when I was young.

coding - Kind of. I got started with programming with Scratch when I was young. I made hundreds of projects, and then for some reason deleted my account. That's why I am currently working on archiving all of my old projects, because they are still up if you search for them.
Eventually, my grandma bought me a book that taught me Python, but I never really went that far with it. I should probably start learning it, or C++. I want to learn JavaScript so I can make more effects.

maps - I have always been obsessed with maps and GPS. In fact, I got a GPS for Christmas one year and I liked it so much I ended up locking myself out of it because I brute forced the lock pin.

listening to music - I really like listening to music. I try to listen to a large variety of genres. You can check my last.fm or Rate Your Music if you want to, or you can view the music pages I have on this site


you can find more of my interests on the interests page. these aren't in any particular order, btw.


  • OneShot
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • Fortnite (#sorrycharlie)
  • Saints Row 3
  • WarioWare Gold


i hate to tell you but i really dont watch movies much

  • WALL-E
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

maybe one day there will be more...



you can also find an archive of my favorite songs on my last.fm obsessions page or on this site's favorite songs page.

  • untitled 05 | 09.21.2014. - Kendrick Lamar
  • Responsibility - Andor
  • Sum of my Cares - The Long Faces
  • Sunflower - Rex Orange County
  • Melancholyism. - Super Whatevr
  • Paint Me Silver - Pond
  • Giving Bad People Good Ideas - Death Grips


in case you need more of me in your life, for some reason



Cookie Clicker was the reason I discovered Neocities. The old school I attended blocked Cookie Clicker, but someone hosted the whole game on Neocities, albeit an older version. I got bored and decided to check the homepage of Neocities, and tried making another page for students to play games on at school. That page hasn't been lost to time, but rather lost to memory.
Recently I started getting really into website designing again. I found it is much more fun being able to have control of almost everything instead of just posting pictures and videos to a static feed. I hope that the content of my site makes up for the lack of effects and styling on it

I am hoping that soon this site can become a hub for my works and projects. I don't want things to be consistent across pages, I want it to be obvious how my design style has evolved (or devolved) over time (i have not been that good in doing this).

As much as I don't like big tech and social media, this site wasn't made as a big middle finger towards them. Instead, this site is a creation of my own. It's something that I can look at and say "I made this" with pride. I feel alot of people forget about that when they start making their own websites. Making websites as protest is cool, but making websites for fun is also cool. I highly recommend you read the sadgrl.online Internet Manifesto, as I strongly agree with what it says.


How can I contact you?

Check the homepage, there should be a few contact links there. There is also a contact section on this page, don't know how you missed it.

What do you use to draw?

I still have yet to decide what app I wanna commit to on computer, but I use a modified version of ibisPaint so I don't have to pay, because I'm cheap. On my phone I use the same app.

What did you make this site in?

At first I made this site in the Neocities editor, but now I mainly use Visual Studio code. I code in a lot of places at once, so when I'm not on my laptop, I'm using the browser version.

How do you pick colors?

First I think of a theme color or color combination, usually revolving around a red and blue gradient. I do this using my brain. After that, I find a color and put it into the Material Theme Builder. I use this to make the background and text colors more harmonized.

Why do you have a NAQ section?

I am always going through what the kids call "writers block", so writing useless stuff like this makes it look like I have done work

Why wiggle.monster?

Because it's funny. No other reason.

Why do some pages have Google Analytics tags?

I am data obsessed, so I used to add Google Analytics tags to my pages. I don't really care about that anymore, so I stopped adding them. However, some pages may still have them, and I don't feel like going through to find what ones still do . Just use uBlock Origin or something, I dunno.

I am your friend. How can I get in your friend section?

Hello, friend. Just let me know. However, I may not put your website if you don't have a 88x31 button or if your site is basically just a linktree/caard. Just add a page with a marquee that says "poop" or something and maybe I will consider it

Where's your landing page?

A landing page? In THIS economy? sorry i just don't really care enough for that and i dont think i have anything on my site where i would need to warn you before viewing (ex. autoplaying music)

How many slices of bread do you eat a day?

I used to average 4, 6 on a bad day, but now I only average 2.

what up what you doing

just watching my game. You?

do yall got lap tops

you mean, the players? Do they have laptops?