welcome to the downloads page, where you can downloads to your hearts desire. this page is still a work in progress, so you already know that we may not have everything and anything

i am not responsible for anything that you download =D


It's time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak.

Clipnote Studio a recreation of the dsi application "flipnote studio", but now on windows


Microsoft PowerToys a ton of additional features for windows that are really useful. text extractor, bulk image resizer, ruler, always on top, and color picker are all really useful. makes you wonder why these arent just included in windows
MusicBrainz Picard instead of manually editing the metadata of each song you downloaded off youtube, put all your music files in this program and it will add metadata for you. it even supports audio fingerprinting to identify files with bad names
ShareX screenshot tool with so many other features. one of the most useful programs
Open-Shell brings back older start menus and woindows explorer
RetroBar recreation of the old windows taskbar, with skins for various versions


these are extensions that you can download for your browser.
icons show what platform each extension is available on. if an icon is slightly transparent, that means the extension is not on the webstore, is paid, or some other wacky thing

SponsorBlock automatically skips sponsorships in youtube videos. can also be configured to skip intros, outros, interaction reminders, and much more
Bypass Paywalls take a guess at what this one does X
Wayback Machine if you encounter a 404 or other error, lets you quickly access the wayback machine for an archived version of the page. also lets you automatically archiuve every page you visit X X


make sure you have some sort of userscript manager installed, because you will need one for these scripts

Neocities hover preview on the neocities website, lets you hover over a user to get a tooltip with information about them
Image Viewer Plus adds a few more useful features to the browser image viewer, such as infinite zoom, image-rendering setting, and more