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any glowing buttons indicate that a website may contain mature content, such as excessive blood/gore. basically, if it breaks instagram tos, it won't be here (even though content that breaks instagram tos is frequently kept up on ig, but you get the point). Note that I will NEVER link to websites with adult content on them. If a website here contains adult content, email me immediately and I will remove it from this page ASAP.


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my inspirations for this site, yay. you are such a cool person =)



i like looking at images

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computer nerd stuff that a computer nerd would start nerding out all nerdver. this includes neocities meta

dabric GradientOS


this is like news you can use but instead of news its tools


websites with a lot of art (of any type of medium) in them. this doesn't do a good job at describing this category but trust me you'll quickly get the vibe

Vidapon's Artbox! Ninacti0n's lab


every site is a piece of art unless its not, but these sites definitely feel like an art project.

you can find a complete A-Z button-based neocities directory over at Neonaut


what if cheese was real


Your World of Text Infinite text grid that anybody can edit
e4494s Simulators, generative art, games, and some other math related stuff. Highly recommend this one.
Infinite Craft imagine Little Alchemy but with ai, so you can make whatever


Mesh 4 cornered gradient image generator with distortion tools
Dither It! dithering tool that dithers images in a way that makes me happy
Color Blend select 2 colors and get a list of colors that go between them
Photopea the best free in browser photo editor, with basically every feature but vignette
Text to ASCII Art Generator exactly what the title says. there are so many unique styles here, its basically the best tool


Poorly Planned Comics Archive archive of the most interesting comic i have ever read


tools for developing your own websites or just useful programming tools in general.

Material Theme Builder i really like how colors in material 3 look, so i use this alot. its good for choosing colors for your site
CSS Glass Blurred background effect generator. Only really useful if you're new to CSS.
Google Teachable Machine Allows you to train your own basic pattern recognition (e.g. cat or dog) AI using your own training data


Nathan's Toasty Technology page Cool screenshots of various operating systems, as well as an entire section dedicated to hating on Internet Explorer
GUIdebook Gallery A gallery of various GUI interface elements from many different operating systems
Infinite Mac A Mac computer you can use in the browser, all the way up to Mac OS 9.0


Gnoosic Put in 3 artists you like and it will give you more artist recommendations
Every Noise at Once Chart of how Spotify groups how similar genres are, as well as A LOT of useful other tools. No longer updated due to Spotify staff layoffs
Spotify Dedup removes duplicate songs from your spotify playlists
xmplaylist Recently played songs on each SiriusXM station. If you still use SiriusXM for some reason, really useful
Rate Your Music Random Release Gives you a random album from the entire Rate Your Music database
Dubolt one of my fav playlist tools for spotify. choose songs/artists and adjust sliders to quickly create a playlist


Last of Spotify/last.fm websites (Reddit post) reddit post with a pretty good list of sites that can be used with last.fm. most of these sites were taken directly from that post
Last.fm stats by far the best website for last.fm stats. it has an overwhelming amount of information and graphs
Scatter.FM every scrobble you've made and when, all on one graph
last.fm Live dashboard showing a grid of what you and your last.fm friends are listening to right now
Musicorum generate beautiful (best looking out of all generators) graphics that are good for posting to your social media story
Last.fm Mainstream Calculator find out how mainstream your music taste is without paying for last.fm pro


would you look at that, there are noen


wetr ASCII only weather forecast
Blitzortung Live crowdsourced lightning map


Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute A database of actual aesthetics, none of that "Frutiger Metro" or "webcore" crap.
twc classics Many old screencaps and videos of The Weather Channel.
Google This website is so crazy. You can type in almost anything and instantly find related images and websites.
Teletext Archive Full interactive archive of teletext pages from around the world


One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Tumblr blog that automatically posts screenshots from random sites on the Geocities archive
Supper Mario Broth Tumblr blog that posts obscure information about the Mario franchise. HIGHLY recommend this one. They also have a Twitter with more.
depths of wikipedia Interesting facts about Wikipedia history, as well as out of context screenshots