sorry guys, i have the steve jobs phone, so you have to deal with my apps.


free - the app is free, duh. might have a subscription or iap but its not needed

lite - usually for games, you can play a little bit for free but you have to pay for the whole game

- one time payment in the app store


Clear Lists

free minimalist and lightweight gesture focused to-do list app. used to be paid, but now its completely free unless you want themes.


the best mobile keyboard that lets you type twice as fast

i also made a page with more information on nintype that you can view here.


Finale for Last.fm

free best mobile last.fm app. supports music.app scanning, manually scrobbling tracks (with metadata pulled from spotify), auto-scrobbling via microphone, and much more

Marvis Pro

the best apple music client ever. so many features i can't even begin to describe them all here, and the developer actually listens. if you have apple music, and especially if you scrobble, just buy this app



free powerful but fast dithering application for quick edits



lite - $5 puzzle game that takes full advantage of basically every api on your phone. great game, feels actually made for mobile


i am not responsible for anything that you download or any damage made to your phone

if you don't have jailbreak, you will need at least one of the following apps to sideload. this requires a pc/laptop. i recommend following the guides on the associated websites


allows you to sideload apps if you're on the same network as a computer running the altserver desktop app (for windows and mac)


fork of altstore, doesn't require a computer after initial install, but you need to connect to the vpn while installing/refreshing apps


modded discord client with theme and plugin support


IPA Archive lets you download older versions of any app on the app store